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Memory Care Community in Woodbury, MN

Be close to everything that matters.

Artis Senior Living of Woodbury offers whole-person Memory Care with all the comforts of home. We create a warm and welcoming environment where residents find purpose, friendship, and the confidence to let their personality shine. Our specially trained staff members take time to learn the unique history, experiences, and wisdom of each resident to provide person-centered care that reaches far beyond a medical diagnosis.

We believe it’s important to recognize and appreciate every achievement, both big and small. Whether it’s a birthday, trying something new or reaching a personal goal, there’s always a reason to celebrate at our Memory Care community in Woodbury, MN.

Artis Senior Living is honored to help older adults with memory loss embrace the joy of every moment. And while we can celebrate an abundance of stories about our approach to Memory Care, here are some of our favorites:

Beautiful Moments from the Very Beginning

Earlier in her life, Sherry, our very first neighbor at Artis Senior Living of Woodbury, was a professional painter. However, her passion for painting diminished as her symptoms progressed. Her husband, Bruce, tried time and time again to inspire Shelly’s creativity, but was unsuccessful.

When she moved to our community, we bought Sherry canvas, watercolor and paintbrushes. Our team members compassionately encouraged Sherry, and her passion for painting was reignited. She began creating beautiful works of art and even had her very own gallery here at Woodbury. When she presented Bruce with a painting for their anniversary, he knew our Memory Care community was the right choice.

Blowing Leaves, Finding Purpose and Feeling Proud

Rich was a true outdoorsman! In his earlier years, he answered the call of the wild by teaching people how to survive and live in the extreme wilderness of Alaska. When he moved to our community, you could always find him picking up sticks and helping our team members with leaves.

Our team had the brilliant idea to celebrate Rich by buying him his own small leaf blower. Not only did Rich find purpose in helping us keep our community looking beautiful for his neighbors, but he was so proud of his leaf blower that he insisted on keeping it in his suite.

A Fast Track to Meaningful Connections

Gene and Larry are avid NASCAR fans, and can often be found cheering for their favorite drivers as they push the pedal to the metal on TV. However, they aren’t the only ones who like to watch race cars reach the finish line.

Our Director of Enrichment Services is also a NASCAR enthusiast. When he discovered his shared passion with Gene and Larry, he donated some of his memorabilia and helped them create a large shadow box to decorate their neighborhood. They’re proud to show off their work and we’re happy to help them pursue their passions.

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The Artis Way

The Artis Way is more than how we do our work. It’s the lighthouse that guides us in supporting our residents, their families, our associates, and the long-term viability of our company. These five core values help us set a high standard for quality, safety, and well-being every day.

A = All Together
We believe that teamwork, accountability, and mutual respect create an environment where everyone is motivated to be and do their best. We understand interdependence and consider the impact of business decisions on residents, associates, families, local partners, and owners.

R = Radiate Positivity & Compassion
We recognize that our attitudes directly affect our residents and each other. We know positivity is integral to holistic well-being and is a collective effort, shared and amplified by associates, residents, families, and our local partners alike. We support residents and each other in building resilience, helping residents to navigate the challenges of aging and dementia with warmth and tenderness.

T = Thoughtfulness Wins
We think before we act, because we are ultimately responsible for our actions and decisions. We exhibit empathy and integrity. We strive to know and honor each other’s stories and to make each moment meaningful. We exhibit behavior that inspires others to do what’s right for our residents, their families, and our associates.

I = Inspired Well-Being
We believe that optimal well-being can be achieved at any age, and we aim to create an environment that encourages individuality and independence. We believe that the right mix of sleep, nutrition, natural light, movement, meaningful relationships, and opportunities for play are the secret to living an inspired and present life.

S = Strive To Be Better
We know that while we pride ourselves on what we do, continuous improvement is how we maintain an Artis level of quality. We know that profitability allows us to maintain our promises to residents and families. We embrace change, nimbly adapt from failures, and frequently celebrate successes.

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